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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the University of Oklahoma have joined together to lead a world-class research consortium of authorities in air transportation training and related technologies. As the FAA Center of Excellence for Technical Training and Human Performance, COE SOAR focuses on research and development of technical training for air traffic controllers, aviation safety inspectors, engineers, technicians, and pilots. Our goal is to enhance and advance the teaching of these personnel with part-task training, immersive simulation, and adaptive learning technologies that are standard in other technical workforces. We also analyze human performance issues, including academic best practices and changes in learner expectations, as well as innovative training methods for a new generation of learners.

The universities associated with COE SOAR are recognized for their air traffic management programs, extensive online degree programs, state-of-the-art aerospace and weather facilities, multi-media and cinematic arts programs, and other specialized areas. Several of our universities and industry partners are researching the latest NextGen approaches to technical training and the associated human performance factors. With our broad range of expertise, the Center meets the challenge of developing and discovering solutions to improve the technical training and human performance for the Air Traffic Organization.