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The Outreach and Communications Task Force oversees information dissemination and outreach events (conferences and technical demonstrations) for the COE to include approving marketing messaging for the website, brochures, articles, etc. In addition, this task force is responsible for facilitating student engagement in COE research and activities as well as awards and recognition.

Learn more about Student Engagement with the COE TTHP
  • Provide access to published works related to COE TTHP research
  • Document and publish administrative publications, including meeting minutes and annual reports
  • Produce and distribute administrative documentation, including report templates, logos, maps, and graphics that adhere to brand standards
  • Track, update, and archive internal forms and templates
  • Facilitate and support student engagement across the Center
  • Support the new sponsor notification, solicitation, and proposal process
  • Organize outreach activities for conferences, symposiums, and other venues
  • Produce and distribute outreach-related materials and documents
  • Facilitate meeting planning; coordinate agenda, budget, and accommodations with appropriate parties
  • Maintain COE TTHP website
  • Support the activities of the Fund Development and Partnerships Task Force and the Research Strategy Task Force

Fred Bowen, Orion America

Lisa Haggard, WSU

Stephanie Fussell, ERAU

Carol Gregorek, Orion America

Tisha Merchant, OU

Caroline Ocasio, IAU

Steve West, OU

Executive Liaison: Dr. John Tomblin, WSU

Ex-Officio Members

These members serve as liaisons to the Outreach and Communications Task Force on behalf of the Research Strategy, Fund Development and Partnerships, and Conference Exhibit/Panelist Committee. Participate in task force meetings, as needed, based on action items for COE communications, materials, and/or events.

Karen Callihan, FAA Program Manager

Angelia Kinston-Thomas, FAA Financial Manager

April Millaway, OU, Program Manager

Lindy Ritz, OU, Assistant Director

Jeff Tyrcha, OU, Deputy Director

Scott Tarry, UNO

Seth Young, OSU