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Research Projects

The Center will explore the training and development of all air transportation personnel, including air traffic controllers, aviation safety inspectors, airway transportation system specialists, engineers, pilots and technicians. Our research themes include Workforce Development and Training, Human Factors, Safety, and Analytics.

Since its establishment in 2016, numerous research projects have been awarded to the COE TTHP. Our completed projects may be found here. Our active projects include:

Course to Module Conversion Protocol
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Create COE Strategic Framework - Modernization of Airworthiness Training
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Effective Training and Checking Methods for the Emerging Pilot Workforce
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Fleet Assessment Phase II
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ILS Zone 3 Measurement
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Ultra Lightweight VOR/ILS Receiver
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The COE TTHP Research Themes

Workforce Development and Training research seeks to modernize content and course delivery using new technology and instructional design strategies with an emphasis on linking curriculum to specific competencies and job tasks. In addition, the research seeks to identify improvements to recruitment, hiring, pre-screening, on-boarding, and placement practices.

Human Factors research determines and analyzes perception, cognition, and environmental factors that impact the safe and effective performance of jobs and tasks. This theme focuses on the areas of auditory and visual perception, cognition, workload, and skill acquisition.

Safety research examines the relationships among safety, technical training, and human performance, and proposes methods of mitigating unacceptable levels of risk in identified areas. Workforce safety is a critical issue across aviation and other fields.

Research in Analytics  involves the development of data analytics tools and applications to collect, manage, and analyze data from curricula, training performance records, and other sources to develop improved training solutions and enhanced operational performance metrics.

During Phase 1  of the Center (Sep. 2016 – Aug. 2021), a series of research questions were created that populated the four research themes with lists of specific research questions. These were created with input from academic, government, and industry partners present at the FAA COE TTHP Phase 1 (2016 – 2021) administrative and technical meetings, and during the research roadmap workshop held in Norman, OK on June 4-5, 2018. These research questions were published in the Phase 1 Research Roadmap.