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Brand Standards

The COE TTHP has created black and white, gray scale, full color logos. Logos are available in the zipped file, below. Information on the colors and fonts are also below. The logo should only be used for approved publications, presentations, etc.

COE TTHP 2018 Logo Information

COE TTHP logos- zipped

Templates and Reports

The following templates and reporting documents may be found on the COE TTHP reporting website, OMIS. Additional help may be obtained from Fred Bowen, fredbowen[at]orionat[dot]com.

  • COE TTHP Technical Quarterly Report Template
  • Project Close-out Templates
    • 9550-5 Final Project Report
    • 9550-5 Attachments COE TTHP
    • Final Project Participants Form
    • SF428 Tangible Personal Property Report
    • COE TTHP Invoice Backup Example
    • FAA Project Debriefing COE TTHP
  • Research Request Templates
    • After Action Report COE TTHP
    • FAA Facility Visit Request Form COE TTHP
    • FAA International Visitor Travel Request Form COE TTHP
    • NATCA-PASS Request Form COE TTHP

The COE TTHP SOW Proposal Template is released with each research announcement and created with sponsor input. More information may be obtained by contacting Lisa at tthpadmin[at]wichita[dot]edu.