Safety research examines the relationships among safety, technical training, and human performance, and proposes methods of mitigating unacceptable levels of risk in identified areas. Workforce safety is a critical issue across aviation and other fields. Many of the occupations are inherently dangerous. Important questions about mitigating complacency and appropriately implementing new training and other technologies have emerged in recent years. Additional questions about personal safety are also important to the aviation workforce where the fatigue and stress of the work environment can lead to safety problems after work and off site.

The Safety projects and the respective outcomes are:

International Harmonization: Recommended approach for developing, furthering, and maintaining close relationships and partnerships with international groups on harmonizing training for aviation professionals. Project completed.

Training of Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers in Weather-Related Decision Making: Prototype simulation-based weather scenarios, including hazard displays and probabilistic display to enable controllers to rapidly and accurately assess emerging weather situation to effectively and safely vector aircraft around weather. This project is primarily a Safety project, with Human Factors as a secondary cross-classification.  Project completed.