Ultra Lightweight VOR/ILS Receiver

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PROJECT TITLE: Ultra Lightweight VOR/ILS Receiver


  • PI: Dr. Rockee Zhang, Associate Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Oklahoma
  • Senior Personnel and Collaborator: Dr. John Dyer, Research Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma
  • Postdoc Research Associates: Hernan Suarez, ECE-IART
  • FAA Sponsor: Floyd Badsky, Flight Program Operations (AJW-3)
  • FAA Technical Monitor: Brad Snelling


The Intelligent Aerospace Radio Team (IART) at University of Oklahoma proposes to collaborate with FAA Aircraft Operations (AJW-33) and an industry partner to develop a novel, low cost, size, weight and power C-SWaP navigational receiver, which can achieve the design goals and be ready for a flight demonstration at the end of the project. Part of the result of the project would be a prototype VOR/ILS receiver that is ready for initial flight test demonstrations. The proposed project has the main benefit of reducing operational and training costs for navigational flight inspection (FI) operations.

Expected Project Outcomes:

  1. Antenna/SDR/Logger under 1 pound.
  2. Power supply may be independent or use UAS ship power.
  3. Measurement uncertainty meets DOC 8071, Vol 1 on all signal measurements except signal strength.

Value of Research:

The proposed project and expected outcome will have impacts on future of FAA’s flight inspection missions from both technical and human factor aspects. Reducing operational and human labor cost is one of the direct economic benefits. It also helps the FAA personnel to be ready to use future technologies for the improvement of the efficacy of the critical operations. In the long term, the technology developed in the project may be used to transform the historic The Semi-Automatic Flight Inspection (SAFI) [4,5] to Fully-Automatic Flight Inspection (FAFI).

Quad Charts and Posters:

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