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The Research Strategy Task Force works in collaboration with the FAA and other agency sponsors to identify the 3, 5 and 10 year strategic research areas and topics that will identify solutions for existing and anticipated technical training and related issues for aviation professionals. Each focus area is assigned a lead representative to facilitate ongoing strategic discussions as well as provide training and support for COE researchers. The FAA expects the COE TTHP to perform basic and applied research, education and training tasks through a variety of analyses, development, and prototyping activities.

  • Develop and maintain the COE TTHP Research Framework and Research Roadmap
  • Lead initial identification and subsequent reorganization of research focus areas and themes
  • Facilitate the mapping of COE TTHP members to support research focus areas and themes
  • Coordinate with the Fund Development and Partnerships Task Force to identify government and industry institutions which benefit from these research focus areas and themes
  • Create working groups to champion the COE TTHP focus areas and themes

Scott Tarry, UNO

Seth Young, OSU

Executive Liaison: Dr. Mark Friend, ERAU