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PROJECT TITLE: AJI-2 Customer Satisfaction Process

Project completed Mar. 2018



The objective of this proposed project is to recommend a comprehensive process for collecting, analyzing customer satisfaction data and creating a review and response mechanism to refine AJI-2 products and services to maximizing customer satisfaction. Specifically, we propose (1) researching AJI-2 core products and services and identifying the current processes for customer satisfaction data collection; (2) researching industry best practices related to customer satisfaction process; and (3) recommending an optimal implementable process and review mechanism to maximize customer satisfaction.

Expected Project Outcomes:

  1. Map the current AJI-2 technical training process and identify where customer satisfaction data are collected currently.
  2. Conduct extensive literature review to identify industry best practices.
  3. Preliminary design of customer satisfaction surveys and focus groups.
  4. Develop customer satisfaction data analytics strategies.
  5. Provide comprehensive recommendation of a process for collecting, analyzing, and taking actions on customer satisfaction data.

Value of Research:

The proposed project aims at developing a recommendation for the implementation of a process to collect, analyze, respond to customer satisfaction data, and maximizing customer satisfaction with AJI-2 technical training products and services.

Customer satisfaction is directly linked to business performance. ​Implementing a customer satisfaction process for AJI-2 Technical Training would create a review and response mechanism to refine AJI-2 products and services and lead to better training quality and delivery.


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