Course Development

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PROJECT TITLE: Course Development

Project completed Sep. 2017



Course development requirements for NextGen training are evolving. Course objectives, presented by PowerPoint
slide, do not engage the learner as well as other tools readily available through the mobile learning environment
in a top rated learning management system. This study examined course development in regard to best practices,
LMS functionality, the architecture of mobile learning, and competency-based learning.

Expected Project Outcomes:

  1. Examine current course development protocols.
  2. Examine current use of eLMS for course development.
  3. Create a modified ISD protocol that uses Design Research features that would be compatible for NextGen courses.
  4. Develop a modified ISD protocol that uses Design Research features that can be used in the eLMS.
  5. Create a process that all developers can use to develop courses using Design Research and ISD methods.

Value of Research:

For modernization of Air traffic training, this project demonstrated development of aviation technical courses using current agency practices assessing for efficiencies and innovative instructional systems design practices. This project also addressed standardization of contractor course development efforts, researched industry best practices, identified current efficiencies, and provided recommendations on innovation within instructional systems design.


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