Development of a Learning Taxonomy

//Development of a Learning Taxonomy
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PROJECT TITLE: Development of Learning Taxonomy

Project completed Dec. 2017



Exploratory and pilot study identifying common language, vocabulary, and understanding of interactions between items related to learning to develop a learning taxonomy and possible strategies for implementation of proposed taxonomy. Different learning taxonomies will be developed that can be evaluated for use in organizing training, evaluating training quality, and developing new training opportunities.

Expected Project Outcomes:

  1. Report a set of appropriate learning taxonomies aligned with ATO standards, learning models, materials, and desired outcomes as they relate to different learning elements with special consideration to Learning Content Management System utilized by the Agency.
    • The initial taxonomy developed based on the content analysis to be used in pilot testing.
    • A refined taxonomy following the analysis of findings in pilot testing.
  2. Report practical options for implementation of developed taxonomies and recommendations for which taxonomy should be implemented.


Establishing a common language, vocabulary, and understanding of the interactions between items related to learning is essential in an organization for efficiency and quality across units. The goal of this project is to develop different learning taxonomies that can be evaluated for their use in organizing training, evaluating training quality, and developing new training opportunities.

The final taxonomy was established through Verleger’s development of code to implement a series of algorithms found in the literature for taxonomy generation. These algorithms perform keyword extraction, hypernym identification, and taxonomy generation. The code was applied and evaluated using the curricular materials currently available. This taxonomy was deployed in small-batch mock courses using a similar LCMS to the FAA’s platform Kenexa, and queried utilizing key language to determine if the provided language was likely to result in accurate searches by users.


CMD002-6 2017 Expo Poster

CMD002-06 2017 Quadchart


CMD002-6 Final Report