Explore Use of Gamification for Training

//Explore Use of Gamification for Training
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PROJECT TITLE: Explore Use of Gamification for Training

Project completed Sep. 2019



This project will model the application and impact of gamification, game-based learning (GBL), and simulation/virtual and augmented working environments (VR) to provide state-of-the-art training solutions to Aviation Safety Training.

Expected Project Outcomes:

  1. Complete a comprehensive review of current use of gaming/VR, virtual environments, task trainers and simulators in aviation safety training, in the civilian and military environments.
  2. Determine successful/unsuccessful components of gaming/VR use in training.
  3. Develop a prototype of a simulated work environment for a common training task.
  4. Develop assessment methods and outcomes for the prototype and for future gaming/VR training environments.

Value of Research:

This project will provide initial training, and improve knowledge, operational skills, and learning engagement in an environment of high diversity and turn over as well as rapidly changing requirements.​ The team will develop an aviation safety gaming/VR training prototype and an implementation plan to improve aviation safety training.

This project could continue into a Phase II. Work in this phase would include development of a simulated training environment system (on-site high resolution simulator with sound, VR), off-site modules for training updates, and on-line and device (smart-phone, tablet) modules that allow for training/skill improvement at any location.



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