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PROJECT TITLE: Field Training Standardization

Project completed December 2018



The purpose of this research project is to assist the FAA with the analysis of standardization within tech op’s and air traffic controller field training. Historically, FAA field facilities originated independently and developed facility-specific training materials and instruction plans. This has led to varying levels of training quality and content across facilities.

Expected Project Outcomes:

  1. Generate a report of current Air Traffic and Technical Operations training.
  2. Recommended prototype for field training standardization of curriculum, course structure, delivery and integration with repository.

Value of Research:

The goals of this research are to identify and analyze existing field training conditions currently employed, to provide recommendations for enhancing existing systems, which include:

  • Identify a fundamental baseline of training that is common across all facilities in the NAS and
  • Determine the best delivery method to standardize fundamental knowledge.​


CA001-2-9 2019 Technical Poster

CA001-2-9-2018 Technical Poster

CA001-2-9 2017 Quadchart

CA001-2-9 2017 Expo Poster

The final report for this project is not available for public distribution.