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PROJECT TITLE: International Harmonization and Integration

Project completed Dec. 2017



Within a globalized society and unified airspace the technical training of Air Navigation professionals must acknowledge and reflect these international dynamics. A systematic review of global practice and opportunities for collaboration is used to reveal opportunities to minimize the isolation of FAA ATC technical training. ​

Expected Project Outcomes:

  1. Mapping of professional societies, institutions, educational bodies, and individuals active within field of aviation.
  2. Perform structured document review of structures, pedagogy, curriculum and other educational activities occurring within selected aviation bodies.
  3. Perform interviews of appropriate individuals/teams identified through snowball sampling for data collection.
  4. Conduct data analysis and structured alignment of global training curricula and methodologies.
  5. Systematically describe recommendation of global best practices for development, integration, and methods for maintenance of a international exchange within aviation navigation professionals and educators.

Value of Research:

The outcomes collectively provide for a baseline international understanding of the educational practices of the aviation. This baseline will provide for the FAA to determine areas to be improved and identify mechanisms and individuals who can be referenced to provide guidance towards advancement. Additionally, areas in which the FAA is excelling will be identified revealing opportunities for research, consulting, and other exchanges to promote the FAA best practice around the world. Leveraging global networks can provide increased collaboration, sharing of resources, and the development of global best practices for the development of aviation professionals.


SA001-2 2017 Expo Poster

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