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PROJECT TITLE: Optimize Simulation

Project completed Mar. 2018



In order to optimize the use of simulation, the FAA must ensure that simulation is used when it is of benefit, and that simulation is maintained/ updated at the time associated equipment updates are made. We need to understand when the application of simulation is more beneficial than training on actual equipment. There are some things we teach where simulation could be for one time theory / concept. Simulation maintenance and updates must occur with equipment changes; however, because the equipment changes faster than the agency can update simulators, simulation becomes outdated. This project will investigate the use of simulation in FAA training and will report on the benefits, limitations, risks and challenges.

Expected Project Outcomes:

  1. Report literature survey on current simulation technologies used for FAA training.
  2. Report research into the benefit and anticipated ROI of simulation vs. training on live equipment in a technical environment (i.e. Tech Ops).
  3. Research and report how we determine whether simulation is the appropriate medium and how it is operationalized into the curriculum development process.
  4. Report how FAA can optimize the use of simulation and propose a process to ensure updates are made concurrent to equipment changes.
  5. Research and make recommendations on the actual courses that would benefit from use of simulation over actual equipment training (based on training objectives, complexity of training, length of training, etc.).


The result of this project will be used to complement and update training material and modules used at the FAA Academy in training air traffic controllers. Several other COE TTHP tasks will also be benefiting from the results of this project. The results of our project will also provide a recommendation process to simulation vendors on effective ways to keep training technologies in synch with real world devices. We highly see current and future vendors  benefiting from the results of this project in addressing current and future FAA needs to modernize and advance ATC by replacing “air traffic control” with “air traffic management” by the means of using Nextgen solutions.


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