Part 141 Pilot School Model Feasibility Study

//Part 141 Pilot School Model Feasibility Study
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PROJECT TITLE: Part 141 Pilot School Model Feasibility Study

Project completed July 2018



The intent of this project is to develop a best model for training and currency/proficiency for aviation safety inspectors (ASI) in general aviation (GA). There are approximately 400 ASIs in the United States in GA. On a quarterly basis, each ASI goes to the Fort Worth Alliance Airport for currency/proficiency training. The project will include interviewing instructor pilots (IP) and facility managers, observe current training, review some of the records (e.g., syllabi, completion of satisfactory training, remedial trainings, job description). A gap analysis will be conducted, investigation of best practices (e.g., Part 141 curricula) will be reviewed, and a proposed ASI curriculum model will be recommended.

Expected Project Outcomes:

  1. Compare outcomes with requirements for identifying gaps.
  2. Propose a more effective protocol to bridge the outcome with the requirements.
  3. Propose a training approach of participants to reach these goals.


The team will identify gaps to:

  • Determine a model to provide more structured oversight of the vendor(s)
  • Reduce the utilization of FAA standardization pilots for ASI training

After all data have been collected, recommendations will be made in regards to the feasibility of a modified model for the ASI training and currency/proficiency program. The benefits of the project may lead to a more efficient and effective ASI training and currency/proficiency program, consequently reducing cost and improving safety.


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