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The purpose of the Content Management and Delivery focus is to determine and evaluate if current course content and delivery can be efficiently and cost-effectively enhanced with the use of new technology, instructional methodology, and/or content.

The Content Management and Delivery focus are projects and the respective outcomes are:

Best Practices and Methods for Virtual Training Delivery: Recommendations for transition to virtual training environment with synchronous and asynchronous instructional delivery techniques, simulation, and online learning management for courses such as AT Basics and Initial Tower.

Course Development: Means for modernizing training flexibility by demonstrating development of aviation technical courses using innovative instructional systems design practices.

Creating an Adaptive and Distributive Competency-Based Learning Environment: Comprehensive approach to adaptive testing, course development and delivery, adaptive content, managing training content, transfer of information for development of employees throughout the life cycle of their career from onboarding to OJT to refresher training (employee footprint) for aviation safety inspectors.

Development of Learning Taxonomy: Set of learning taxonomies for use in training cataloging, analysis, and development to provide a common language, vocabulary, and understanding of how different items relate to each other so that content can be more easily identified for reusability. Recommend learning taxonomy best suited for use with an LCMS to manage content by providing a system of classification and organization, allowing development teams to check for possible duplication, existing content, and possibly content in development while allowing learners to get to content they are looking for.

Managing Training Content Including Adaptive Learning Capabilities Using 21st Century Technology: Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that supports face-to-face learning, virtual classroom learning, mobile learning, adaptive learning, modular learning, evaluation of learning, and rapid updating capabilities.

Research Alternative ISD Model: Extensive technical report and executive summary describing best practices for instructional design and development of technical education and training to reduce development time and costs, increase development capacity, and speedup delivery of training.