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Curriculum Architecture focuses on reviewing current curriculum development and revision practices, models, and methods to facilitate effective change, and support cross-generational learning habits.

The Curriculum Architecture focus area projects and the respective outcomes are: 

Curriculum Architecture Gap Analysis: Prototype system for gap analysis based on integrated indices of job tasks and course contents to pre-process data to reduce unnecessary duplication of training on job functions and significantly reduce time required to prepare reports related to gaps and depth of coverage for job tasks in training materials using data-driven approach with minimal human involvement.

Enhanced AT-CPC Training: Recommended enhancements for future advanced-level air traffic controller training based on skill and proficiency training.

Field Training Standardization: Recommended enhancements to training and OJT in field facilities, allowing FAA to tailor the OJTI course to bring a more uniform OJT experience to the workforce, potentially resulting in fewer failures, fewer Training Review Boards, fewer NEST reassignments.

Modular Curriculum Design: Concept mapping of content based on job function that may be appropriate for modularizing and recommend how to modify processes to develop future content to improve learners’ ability to access the right content in a timely manner by creating smaller, consumable pieces that can either be used independently as on-demand resources or aggregated into larger training products in the future Learning Content Management System (LCMS).

Standardization of Training for Training Administrators: Recommended enhancements for the train the trainer program to produce more capable, confident, and well-rounded administrators.

Technical Operations: Airway Transportation Systems Specialist Training Analysis: Based on gap analysis of existing training and needs of Airway Transportation Systems Specialist (ATSS), updated process map for visualizing and validating the training track and in-field process flow experienced by the technician to reduces outage restoration time and erroneous/waste of limited parts logistics.