Simulation and Part Task Training

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The Simulation and Part-Task Training focus area identifies, researches, and develops areas of training where simulation and part-task training solutions are applied to enhance competencies, knowledge and skills.

The Simulation and Part-Task Training focus area projects and respective outcomes are: 

Analysis of Technical Training Course: Technical task completion in full simulation environment using diverse technology devices for multi-generational learner population for more interactive and effective knowledge transfer.

ATC Scenario Training Technology (ASTT): Scenario exploration technology platform prototype to enable on demand practice of air traffic control scenarios to enhance En Route training.

Explore Use of Gamification for Training: Prototype of serious game that focuses on increasing learner engagement, knowledge transfer, learner control in a risk-free environment based in a virtual work environment (Wittman Regional Airport) that contains air traffic controller tasks with elements of gamification and virtual reality.

Optimize Simulation: Benefits and return on investment for simulation and recommend when and how to optimize simulation for use in training and process for updating simulations concurrent with equipment changes.