Employee Footprint: 21st Century Approach Towards Employee Development

//Employee Footprint: 21st Century Approach Towards Employee Development
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PROJECT TITLE: Employee Footprint: 21st Century Approach Towards Employee Development

Project completed August 2018



The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Flight Standards Service (FSS), is looking to transform current employee development training and practices. This future state will provide a cost-effective, 21st century technology approach to workforce evolution. It will focus on providing aviation safety assurance, with an organizational culture that supports employee growth and job requirement advancement, to fulfill future aviation needs.

Expected Project Outcomes:

  1. Understand current hiring and employee development practices at the Flight Standards Service.
  2. Benchmark Best Practices.
  3. Identification of the gap.
  4. Report findings and implications of Flight Standards Service strategic workforce/talent development.

Value of Research:

Employees of the Flight Standards Service must possess specific skills and information familiarity after decades of experience in previous jobs. Currently the system is designed where a generic training approach is utilized without providing options of a more versatile system that can take into consideration prior knowledge or expertise. This study will identify available 21st century Best Practices to implement in employee hiring and development. The study will take into consideration prior knowledge of work experience and/or identification of specific competencies tailored to each prospect and job classification. It will identify required training for a specific post so employees can transition into new positions and grow within the department without squandering time and money in unnecessary training. Pre-screening or pre-test results should be directly linked to the necessary competencies, eliminating the need to duplicate information or additional training time, thus saving the department money and productive time. The goal of this project is to identify Best Practices on the recruitment of new personnel and retain existing staff, and the ability to use technology that allows this customization and integration.


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