Year 5 Administrative Virtual Meeting

///Year 5 Administrative Virtual Meeting
Year 5 Administrative Virtual Meeting2021-01-13T12:24:25-05:00

The 5th Administrative Virtual Meeting provided a forum for strategic planning sessions, Task Force Briefings, and Project Briefings from COE TTHP leading scholars. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the COE TTHP 5th Annual Administrative Meeting was hosted virtually. The full agenda may also be found here.

Meeting Recordings

Welcome to Day 1 and FAA Overview

Year 5 COE TTHP Overview

FAA AIR-941 Future Research Project Needs

Phase I Extension/Phase II Transition

COE TTHP Student Engagement Plan and Day 1 Adjournment

Welcome to Day 2 and Past Projects

Past Projects Continued

Past Projects Continued

Active Projects

Active Projects Continued

Active Projects Continued

Coming Soon Projects

Research Roadmap, Student Poster Competition Winner Announcement, and Day 2 Adjournment